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Custom Shop

The ES Custom Shop produces those signs which require the highest quality materials and architectural design. When your sign needs to make a statement and meet the highest standards of design, creativity and craftsmanship we can accommodate your needs.

Relief Carved Sign Hudson
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Incise Carved and Gilded

Signs that are Gilded (Gold Leafed) generally look the best if they are incise carved (v-grooved) because of how the light reflects off the angles. We use only 23k gold leaf which tends to last all of 15 years give or take, before any maintenance is needed. Definitely the Cadillac of what we make.

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Relief Carved Signs

A relief carved sign is simply a sign with the background removed and the letters or graphics remaining at the top level of the material. There are many different chisels that make many different types of textures. Here are a few examples. Remember that we can also mix and match relief carved with incise carved, and even fully sculpted graphics can be added.

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Signs with individual letters

Here are a few examples of signs with letters applied. We own our own CNC router and have the ability to do amazing signs with it. Signs that are designed with heavy dimensionality such as Diversified Trucking.
Signs that other companies would have trouble even
outsourcing, are a breeze to us

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Real and Faux Masonry, and Stucco Effects

Again why deal with a sign company that just calls a masonry contractor, when we have a qualified network in place to produce and install all types of masonry and stucco effects. If your budget is an issue we have a huge variety of brick, stone and stucco products that could fool the best of them.

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Amazing Mixed Mediums

Some signs we do defy a description. We've included this section to show you that everything doesn't need to fit in a category, that by sweating the details and sifting through many material possibilities we can make your project look like a million bucks for much less than you would think.

church signage
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church signs ohio church outdoor signs akron church signs cleveland  ohio Grace Lutheran Church Sign

Church Signage

We often compete in this market with companies that offer standard signs that do not do justice to some of the worlds most finely architected and historic buildings, and although we have a standard design or two of our own we can’t help but feel that a sign that is designed with great architecture in mind will grace and enhance the property of your favorite place to worship much better than a one size fits all standard sign. In addition to the main sign on the property you will find that we can provide you with a multitude of other types of signs, such as way-finding, traffic signs, chapel identification, and so much more.

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Our custom shop knows no limits or boundaries. Once again we would like to re-state the obvious, we are a custom shop so if you don't see it that doesn't mean we don't make it. Let your imagination flow and don't be afraid to ask us if we do it.

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